wired book

Would I use an e-reader?

But what is an e reader? Thank god with Google one does not really have to accept ignorance.

Google says that:

  • an e-book is a device to read digital books and periodicals,
  • Hardware used to read an e-book something like a laptop, netbook or desktop!?!

Advantages would be, I can carry a lot books with little space my own mobile library. Books don’t go out of print,(books printed before 1900 are available on public domain.) translation is a click away, environment friendly no trees felled, purchase or burrow is instant—cost effective I don’t know.

But what about the changing formats then reading them would be a challenge, where is the aesthetic appeal and smell of a new book. Reading is such a nuisance that one tends to skip.

Picture books not feasible.

I guess curling up with a hot cup of coffee tea, potato chips, and a book and to leisurely follow the writers vision would win hands down.


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