The book is scheduled for release on  dec.7th 2010.

ISBN      978-93-80739-06-9

Author  Mr.Valmiki Falerio

Publisher Goa 1556

Very interesting presented well researched book on Goans and their contribution to India’s defence service.

The excellent foreword by  General S.F. Rodrigues the former chief of the army brings about the strength and weakness in our national systems. The impact of the WOGS (western oriental Gentlemen) created by the British Raj and a need to re-invent ourselves.

The prologue with the inspirations for the book, his childhood in the army, the subtle askance in the post liberation Goa arena.

Through the articles published he has the courage to face short comings and point our errors. He has economically and very precisely wielded the scalpel to carve the defense case for the Goans in the Indian Defence services both Hindu and Catholic.

He points out the unfair and legal thievery of the lands and homes of the Goans in the defence services.

author Mr.Valmiki Falerio

His observations like the need to get a govt.sanction to come home to Goan be it for an occasion or a holiday could have partially brought about the exclusion trend is an eye opener.

Challenges faced during writing like inability to get the names and ranks through a single source, the lack of honouring of her Martyred sons by Goa and her media are some grouses.

The article by Sqd.Ldr.George Menezes called Dishonouring our soldier beautifully deals with the attitude of the civilians to defence personal; the hurt overshoots the anger in the article.

Lawyer-activist-writer-politician Radharao Gracias looks at Patriotism vs. Chauvinism he is very candid about our being slaves for nearly 2000 years. (His article inspires an entire blog if not a book, so I shall stop it here)

The final dessert is the serving of a light hearted thriller like experience of Capt. Jimmy Martins a tale of two violins.

A very good read, wish a lot of the younger generation could read this.

Review by Jolyan Dias sapeco


Kendriya vidyalaya Bambolim.

“Patriotism in action “the title itself gives new encouragement for the youth of today. I congratulate Valmiki Faleiro for coming out with such a wonderful boom. We learn and read about different people children nowadays have Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and many more as their heroes, or may be during the common wealth games Abhinav Bindra, Ganan Narang as their heroes. But Valimiki Faleiro has really taken trouble to identify our own Goan heroes, who have dedicatedly offered their lives and services for India’s defence services.

Goa being a peaceful land with more of fun and frolic I always felt it is only the people from other parts of India who have to struggle and save the Mother India.

But this book has really surprised me and inspired me that we Goans also can still serve and follow in the footsteps of our forefathers.

“Patriotism in action” catalogues goa’s significant contribution to commission offer ranks in the three wings of India’s defence services. A contribution perhaps the highest per capita on proportionate among the regions of India even though a complete listing is still an unfinished task.

Today so many of our Goan catholic youth migrate and serve other countries for fast money leaving behind their country families and properties with whose help they have come up in life. May our goans be inspired and show their patriotism in action as dedicatedly offered by our fore-fathers.

Once again I congratulate Valmiki Falerio for his wonderful work for recognizing and honouring the goan officers we are proud of our goan officers. May this book rekindle in the hearts of our goans and pray more and more goans be inspired to serve for the nation and support our mother land.


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