word play

When it comes Marathi, the general trend seems to be to add a “thos ” to a verb when using it in context to a male. Like jathos ka would be are you going, etc.
My Mumbaiyya nephew just dished out “you bathos” to his older brother,– all that he wanted to know was if his brother was going for a bath.  Then it sounded funny and we all had a good laugh. Of course since duty called we gave him a great lecture on purity of language I sincerely hope he slept through it. Anyway the episode well forgotten until last week and  I came across the word again.
Now guess what, this word exists in the English dictionary.
It pathos evokes pity,sympathy tenderness or sorrow.
BATHOS is  abrupt, unintended, transition in style from exalted to common place. Phew that was a little steep to get on. Other explanations were
• Triteness,or triviality, in style.
• Ludicrous descent from the exalted or lofty to the common place anticlimax
• Insincere pathos
• Mawkishness
The synonyms being anticlimax,comedown,letdown, melodrama, mush, schmaltz slump.


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