Fools work hard for others.– a book review

Book review,

Author Pothraju Ravindra

ISBN 81-259-1217-7 

Vikas publishing house.

             I do not know if the author has been educated in the Vedas, but the gentleman has definitely put across a very relevant ideology from the Vedas

Poverty and ignorance are curses and have to be overcome.

It is essential for every human being to utilize his skills to create wealth.

A successful person is the one who uses his skills to create wealth, and manages his money effectively.

This self help book along the lines of rich dad poor dad  is definitely worth reading.

Consciously or unconsciously the author reinforces the views of debt free and long term financial planning.

The attitude and concept of money success are different from the post globalized ones.

Definitely an interesting read, though the gentleman could do with a grammarian and a good editor for help.


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