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We are so busy shedding, trimming and downsizing.

When we do this with words we tend to be incoherent. One way of dealing with this is to cut out words and use precise and concise ones.

With regards to words we use a range of them—“twelve a clock in the noon”

“End result” and many more.

Quite a few words have lost their potency as they are over used.

We have lost the art of conversation. The best way to retrieve it is to spend time with families, our own and others. We pick up quaint words, precise words, beautiful words and not so beautiful words.

My daughters love spending time with the Kane family, introduced to us by Rick Riordan while I prefer the family at Blanding’s.

The chain is very simple, when we read sentences; we think sentences, when think sentences we write sentences, when we write sentences we speak sentences.

How about a challenge to try this one.

Verodiano Award 2012 for ‘Goa 1556’

The 2012 Vincent Xavier Verodiano Award has been conferred on Goa 1556 in recognition of its pioneering commitment to record Goa’s variegated past, project its kaleidoscopic present, and accentuate its pendulous future.

Goa 1556 is an alternative publishing venture, founded by veteran journalist Frederick Noronha. The company name was inspired by the arrival of the Gutenberg printing press to Goa in the year 1556 – the first of it’s kind in all of Asia. As Mr. Noronha succinctly put it, the primary goal of his publishing company is to “democratise the production of knowledge”. The company, states Mr. Noronha, “doesn’t seek profits but exists because today, more than ever, Goa needs a voice to articulate its own priorities.”

The editorial modulation of Goa 1556 is non-fiction writing related to Goa, with emphasis on books which “shed interesting new light on various aspects that help better understand the complex region called Goa.” As of August 2012, Goa 1556 has amassed an assortment of 45 titles to its credentials.

Instituted in 1989 by Dom Martin, the objective of the Vincent Xavier Verodiano Award is “to promote the well being of mankind through individual advancement in the field of art, music, literature, science, medicine or humanities”. It strives to recognize individuals who may not have been relatively well known but whose works needs recognition.

The award was founded by Dom Martin, in memory of his late father, Vincent Xavier Verodiano. The winner is announced on the 20th day of September, and the award is conferred on the 5th day of November.

Goanet A-C-E!
goanet at goanet.org

Bland dish

Mistress of spices

Author: Chitra Divakaruni

ISBN: 0-385-48238-8

Publishers: Anchor Books.

The novel tells the story of the expat Indian society through the tale of Tilo the mistress of who has transcended time and is now challenged by a forbidden love.
An attempt to be magical tantalizing and sensual the tale tells the story of Tilo, the rebel, who was initiated by rite of fire to become immortal, though in a gnarled and arthritic body of an old woman, she is the ordained mistress of the ancient secret power of spices. Tilo as I said has transcended time and is now in Oakland,where she administers cures for her customers. She is now at the crossroad of having to choose between the supernatural of an immortal life and the vicissitudes of modern life,
Somewhere the novel lacks the spice.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Indian born author teaches creative writing at California and has won acclimation for her work. For more about her read http://www.chitradivakaruni.com

Jack in the ink-stand

I definitely like writing on paper more than typing on electronic or even the good old typewriter. (I do own an old portable Tippa typewriter.)
There is something so cathartic about ink flowing. Its like a little elf who eggs me on singing
I dance on your paper,
I hid in your pen,
I make in your ink-stand,
My little black den.;
And when you’re not looking
I hop on your nose
And leave on your forehead,
The marks of my toes.
When it comes to journaling, I used to maintain a journal written, but then I found that people could read it and it was always the wrong one who did. So now I have an online personal journal and for random musings my blogs are just fine.
Of course my gratitude book is still written on a book with ink,
Just as my choreographic journals are.