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My Feudal Lord.–Book review

Author Tehmina Durrani

ISBN 978-0-552-14239-7

Publishers Transworld Publishers (Corgi books)

The autobiography of Tehmina Durrani the Pakistani activist.

The book chronicles her journey from a docile protected Pakistan girl, to being the whistle-blower of the elite Pakistani society. The price she paid for it, she had to sign away all financial support, lost the custody of her children, alienated by friends and disowned by parents.

Tehmina Durrani, born to an elite Lahore family washes dirty linen in public sharing her life from being a sheltered daughter, marrying into a respectable family, having children and leading a leisurely life. Her personal demon of insecurity and the middle child syndrome shows up evidently through the book.

The book allows the reader a voyeuristic view of the domestic structure and feudal form of Pakistan. It is interesting to see the vast difference in the social environment and etiquette in the beginning of the book and its evolution towards the end of the book.

Intrigue within the family, illicit fairs, pedophilia, sibling rivalry, a conflict of tradition and the need to rebel all screams through the book on the domestic front.

She lays bare her nightmarish second marriage to Mustaf Khar the eminent Pakistani Politician without allowing him vindication. He is portrayed as violently possessive and pathologically jealous. Mustaf Khar appears to isolate her from the world outside for almost fourteen years.

The political activity at Pakistan plays an interesting backdrop. The highly westernized Pakistan elite and their dual lives is very evident

The book is definitely Tehamina’s story, with Mr.Mustafa Khar playing the Villain. When first published it shook the Pakistani society to its foundation. Here is a woman who apparently has succeeded in reconciling her faith in Islam with her ardent belief in woman’s rights.

Sign of the cross

Sign of the cross

Author Chris Kuzneski.

Genre:  thriller, Christian mythology




An interesting fictional thriller, narrated in a comfortable pace.  The author takes us through the Christian lore, and the politically savvy Roman Empire. He has used the available roman historic factors and academic debates to weave a thriller from Boston to Beijing, from Denmark to Libya while the action is cantered at the intersection in the catacombs of Orvieto. Where an archaeologist uncovers an ancient scroll dating back two thousand years. A scroll that holds the key to a dark and treacherous secret that could rock the very foundation of the church.

Chris Kuzneski focuses on story, action and history with a vague hint of romance making the book very interesting. Glad I discovered a new author in my favourite genre.

About the author.           Chris Kuzneski is a New York Times best selling American author. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages and have been published in more than 40 countries. Born sept.2nd 1969, in Indiana is the alumnus of the University of Pittsburgh.               Catch him on http://www.chriskuzneski.com

Bland dish

Mistress of spices

Author: Chitra Divakaruni

ISBN: 0-385-48238-8

Publishers: Anchor Books.

The novel tells the story of the expat Indian society through the tale of Tilo the mistress of who has transcended time and is now challenged by a forbidden love.
An attempt to be magical tantalizing and sensual the tale tells the story of Tilo, the rebel, who was initiated by rite of fire to become immortal, though in a gnarled and arthritic body of an old woman, she is the ordained mistress of the ancient secret power of spices. Tilo as I said has transcended time and is now in Oakland,where she administers cures for her customers. She is now at the crossroad of having to choose between the supernatural of an immortal life and the vicissitudes of modern life,
Somewhere the novel lacks the spice.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Indian born author teaches creative writing at California and has won acclimation for her work. For more about her read http://www.chitradivakaruni.com