A Mythological Bhel

indraThundergod- The Ascendance of Indra

Book 1 of Vedic Trilogy.

ISBN 978-93-81626-97-9

Publisher’s          westlandbooks.in

Author                  Rajiv Menon.

A book based on Indian mythology. It looks like he is trying to recreate the Aryan invasion. The book talks about the deification of the Vedic pantheon, with the assumption that the Vedic pantheon has its origin in the middle Asian ancient civilization. He has used the ——– mythology.

Though an interesting read, it does not allow the reader to really connect to the Vedic pantheon. He is diligently abstained from the Bhagawatization by using clutches of Rama or Krishna which is interesting.

In the context of the Harapan civilization he refers to nature worship which is the authentic faith of the subcontinent before being conveniently classified as a ubiquitous Hindu.

However there are gross patches in the narration like the practise of sati, which is hinted at, it, does not make sense as the ancient civilization practised remarriage and polyandry even if we were to talk in terms of the mid Asian civilization.

The physical description of male and female beauty is more in tune with contemporary build, the concept of pear shaped voluptuous women is unknown to the author, a quick run of Botticelli, Ravi Verma and temple carvings may revive it.

The decor, the life style that dictates the walk and wear of a society is quite distinct but the author has not been able to overcome the colonial symbols of grandeur.

There were very interesting twists like the saptarishi’s being light bodies, the emerges of pishacha’s as people with infected blood. Maybe some research is required over that, for paisachi or the language of the pisacha’s are accepted both in literature and mythology. The use of Valli the community name of indigenous medicine makers.

The legends of vishwamitra and Kashyapa are reinterpreted, with Indra being the chosen one to unite the sons of Aditi the presentation reminds one of the lost tribes of Israel.

All the best if you are planning to read the trilogy.

About The Author. Rajiv.G.Menon has been an avid reader, Actor, Screenwriter, traveler, beach bum. The book has been inspired by his readings on Indian, Norse and Greek Mythology.

Imp at the Laptop.

jack in the inkpotImp in the Laptop.

“Ink, a Drug.”
― Vladimir NabokovBend Sinister now it is taken over by the Laptop,  The journey began with the type writer, then came the desktop, then the laptop, and now the tablet.

“…there was practically one handwriting common to the whole school when it came to writing lines. It resembled the movements of a fly that had fallen into an ink-pot, and subsequently taken a little brisk exercise on a sheet of foolscap by way of restoring the circulation.” said― P.G. WodehouseThe Politeness Of Princes And Other School Stories its the same today..we call it the PC font. The Times Roman of size 12, everything is the same. no more scraggy writings or the spider scrawl.

I dance on your paper,
I hide in your pen,
I make in your ink-stand
My little black den;
And when you’re not looking
I hop on your nose,
And leave on your forehead
The marks f my toes.
This is what I all always thought about my pen. I collected that precious Parker pen and would write with it on what seemed as important. With Lenny the Lenovo in my life the jack in my inkpot has stopped singing–
When you’re trying to finish
Your ‘i’
With a dot,
I slip down your finger
And make it a blot;

And when you’re so busy
To cross a big ‘T’
I make on the paper
A little Black Sea.
For now my t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted instantly and silently by Lenny.  Yet Lenny is into healthy eating, so blotting paper or penwiper pie. I never need try!!, Lenny leaps any distance and uses any ink, provided I feed in a printer. My thoughts are out on the screen before I can wink!!

I drink blotting-paper,
Eat penwiper pie,
You never can catch me,
You never need try!
I leap any distance,
I use any ink,
I’m on to your fingers
Before you can wink.

logoBut Lenny’s maker still asks what would I like Lenny to do for me, well, Lenny prints for me, Lenny carries message, Lenny store’s my memory Lenny stores my texts.

I no more have to struggle with camera’s and Bluetooth, Lenny does that too, in his Yogic form.

I can be topsy-turvy, but Lenny stays straight. If anything I wish Lenny grow into a phablet.

Chronicle of a shared kind.

pitto's worldPittho’s world

ISBN 978-81-7223-934-3

Author Murtaza Razvi

Publisher Harper Collins:

About Murtaza Ravi (1964-2012)

The introduction to Murtaza Razvi on the title page of the book says 1964-2102, I do not know if it is in competent proof reading or a reflection of the author’s agelessness.

The book opens in the not so perfect of Shieku and Rani.  Set in the changing society of Pakistan.

The novel is at a much laid back pace allowing the reader to visualize, contemplate and to a certain extent even experience the book.

The book could be the experience of sixties born person in the big fat neighborhood of Pakistan that is what the author calls us! Through the book the author recreates the character of cities and towns.

The describes the celebration of Nauroze the Persian new year a celebration that went on for 13 days, one colour for each day until all the thirteen colours were covered. To me nauroze was the festival of the Parsi community and was divorced from Islam.

As Shieku presents his lineage linking him to the Persian Syed’s he talks of his Nani, the maternal grandmother. She would probably be as old mine, as he describes her penchant for smoking Craven’s cigarettes, I remember my own grandmothers more liberal view than my mothers, who like Shiekhu’s mother is all about being the conventional Hindu daughter-in-law.

The book is memoir of a fading genteel Pakistani life to the more aggressive and ugly way of life inspired by America. The more westernized open lifestyle of Karachi Muslims, at people has the tendency of hating the majority who rule.

The author talks about a pre-independence Bangladesh, which was East Pakistan, where his father started his career. With the Bangladesh becoming independent there was the second influx to Pakistan, and an interesting observation that he makes here, the way people tended to hate the majority who ruled.

Another really relevant observation is seen in the story Uncle Tom and Gavi, that the concept of wife is basically a governess who doubles a wife.

In the memoir of Lala’s death he talks of how city life and education has taken away our more tolerant and natural response and reaction.

When talking of the big bad city of Karachi focuses on the subtle observation of a so called tolerant society, and how people inquired about religious, ethnic, political affiliation before fraternizing, use of words that subtly differentiated the Muslims from non-muslims.  Returning to roots is also unsettling as the familiar is familiar but yet unfamiliar.

Pittho’s  is just a symbolic representation of a bygone Pakistani society, Murtaza uses the traditional storytelling technique of introducing the character before letting him or her manifest, like he talks of Lala in Pittho’s world and gives his story in Lala’s death.

The book is a reflection of changing moral and ethical values resulting in a changing society. Sheiku’s experience at college. The college at Lahore addressed its students as “Great Ravians” by the faculty which he claimed was very empowering he actually uses a similar notice one from Lahore and one from Karachi College and brings out the difference.

harpar collinsThe book reaches its end, with the islamization of Pakistan which the author credits to CIA. And the transition of a tolerant, gender equal open society to a gender segregated closed society. Suddenly the Sari which as a favourite wear of the Pakistan woman became Hinduà that is Indian. Good morning and goodbye were replaced by Khuda hafiz and assalm aleikum.

As Murtaza Razvi says “I have nothing to talk about all has been said.” The book is the collective tale of the subcontinent.

The book was a complimentary copy sent by Harpar Collins for reviewing.

A Bard retells

aryavarta chroniclesGovinda,

Author: Krishna Udayshankar.

ISBN 978-93-5009-446-4

Genre Mythology

First of the Aryavarta chronicles, a retelling of Jaya. A mildly interesting variation of the traditional Mahabharata.

The story charts the power fight between the Fire Wrights and Firstborn. The lineage of which is chronicled in the early pages of the book. The first book of the unnumbered chronicles focuses on Govinda the prince who became cowherd and relapsed into being prince. He is addressed as Govinda Shauri.

Draupadi being the pivotal character, the standard events are presented differently. The standard characters are also unrecognizable as their traditional names have been dropped. Karna barely makes his presence felt.

The sexual tension between Draupadi-Arjuna and Karna is replaced by her fascination for Govinda, who reciprocates but does not acknowledge the feeling.

The much ignored characters of Mahabharata on television like Ashwathama, Shikhandi are strong characters in the rendering of this bard.

Does tease a contemplation to buy the next book in the series “The Fire Wrights.”



The Comedy at Brinkley

jeeves 4Jeeves In The Offing.

Author P.G.Wodehouse

Publisher: Arrow books.

ISBN: 978-0-09-951394-0

Jeeves is on holiday in Herne Bay, Bertie’s penchant for getting into trouble is not. It begins with the times informing him of his engagement to Bobbie Wickham.  At Brinkley court his aunt Dahlia’s establishment its former headmaster in attendance ready to award the prizes at market Snodsbury Grammar school. And finally the Brinkley  court butler turns out be Bertie’s nemesis, Sir Roderick Glossop the brain burgeon in disguise.

When the going gets tough the tough turn to Jeeves, so Bertie hightail it to Herne Bay to liberate Jeeves from this shrimping net and on goes the melee.


cops and fiancees.

Joy In The Morningg.jeeves 3

Author P.G.Wodehouse

Publisher: Arrow books.

ISBN: 978-0-09-951376-0

Stilton Cheesewright who sees Bertie as snake in the grass, his fiancée Florence Craye who happens to be Bertie’s ex- fiancée of a distant past. The boy scout Edwin whose deeds of kindness turn out as though acts of  malevolence Bertie is trapped with these inhabitants at Steeple Bumpleigh.

A man less stalwart than Bertie would probably give away. Bertie’s forebodings are justified. For in his effort to oil the wheels of commerce, promote true love and avoid consequences of vendetta Bertie becomes a prey to all and sundry.

Its only Jeeves who can rescue him.

Thus began a partnership.

Carry on Jeeves

Author P.G.Wodehouse

Publisher: Arrow books.

ISBN: 978-0-09-951369-8

The beginning of Bertie Wooster and Jeeves bonding. The book begins at the very beginning when Jeeves entered Bertie’s life. The book runs through series of short stories where Bertie learns to gracefully accept Jeeves services.

From the moment Jeeves performs his first ever duty to Bertie that is to cure him of a hangover evolves one of the funniest, sharpest and most touching partnerships in English literature.

The book runs references to other stock characters created by Wodehouse like Earl of Bandings and Galahad Threepwood

Much about Mustache


Jeeves And The Feudal Spirit.

Author P.G.Wodehouse

Publishers Arrow Books

ISBN 978-0-09-951393-3

A Jeeves And Wooster Novel

Bertie Wooster grows a moustache.

Aunt Dahlia wants to sell her magazine Milady’s Boudoir to the Trotter Empire the price is Chef Anatole.

The beefy Stilton Cheesewright has drawn Bertie Wooster as red-hot favourite in the Drones club annual darts tournament—the is keeps Bertie safe from Stilton who wants cream him for messing with his fiancée’s affection.

Jeeves is offended with Bertie for growing a moustache which he disapproves off, and Jeeves feudal spirit is absolutely needed in the circumstances.

Bertie’s moustache survives the odds, till the end of the book.


Truly One Among Us

Author Poddar at the publishing next conference


Author Sumant Poddar

ISBN 978-93-80151-12-0

Publisher CinnamonTeal Publishing.

It is truly a story of one among us, belongs to the genre of Ravindra singh  people you see and meet and talk about everyday. Precisely what the debut author has done. He claims the book stayed with him for very long. It shows through.

Siddarth-Rahul-Sonali-Manali all idealist, reminds one of the Dilip Kumar movies. The only difference being there are no negative traits anywhere, neither are there grey’s.

A good read for a Churchgate to Virar traveller.

The language reflects a very good command of some Indian Language. Wish I could read the story in that language. Sumant must be having a powerful and articulate Indian language.

A pleasant one time read.

Anti- Aunts,

Dedicated to my aunts, who are very much like Bertie Wooster’s Dahlia and Agatha. But would life be without them to connive , for us, and support us on all our non Parent approved endeavors. I for one am all for Aunts.

pgwodehouseAunts Aren’t Gentlemen

Author P.G.Wodehouse

Publisher Arrow Books.

ISBN    978-0-09-951397-1

Bertie Wooster has been overdoing metropolitan life, and the doctor orders fresh air in the depths of the country. On he goes with Jeeves to a cottage at MaindenEggesford and he soon finds himself surrounded by aunts, the redoubtable aunt dahlia, and an aunt of Jeeve’s in action to too. With this is a hypersensitive race horse, a royal cat, a bossy fiancée and Jeeves of course handles everything with aplomb, aunts’ country and madness.

About The Author http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P._G._Wodehouse


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